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Indoor Furniture

Solid wood furniture is at the heart of what we do, we specialise in childrens furniture for childcare centres, but our capabilities extend to custom pieces and restoration for any setting.

Infant Bunk Cot

The use of cots within childcare centres is often different to the use of cots within the family home. In a childcare centre an infant is placed in a cot for a sleep and is then removed as soon as the infant awakes. Cots are not used as a play space as is often the case in a family home.

Whilst infant bunk cots are not always popular, they are an effective method of utilising limited space within childcare centres and optimising available play space.

Our infant bunk cots are made in solid timber with attractive tongue and groove panels at each side and the rear, consistent with the rest of our product range.

Optional extras include:

IN172 Infant Bunk Cot Drawer which is fixed under the lower bunk, and

IN175 Infant Bunk Cot Mattress, which is a foam rubber cushion with a vinyl cover. 




Code Description Width Depth Height Price (ex GST)
IN170 Infant Bunk Cot 990 610 1870 $1,050.00
IN175 Bunk Cot Mattress 910 520 75 $100.00
IN172 Infant Bunk Cot Drawer 895 190 500 $250.00