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Indoor Furniture

Solid wood furniture is at the heart of what we do, we specialise in childrens furniture for childcare centres, but our capabilities extend to custom pieces and restoration for any setting.

Slide Rail & Art Easels

The slide rail attaches to the wall behind the Project Bench (WB300). Art easels sit on the work bench and slide along the slide rail.

Two or more art easels can be placed together to create a larger easel, as might be used for project work. Alternatively the easels can be lifted off the work bench if required to provide clear bench space.

One particlar feature is that children can work at an easel for extended period of time. When work is finished for a day the easel(s) can be put to one side until a child is ready to continue that work at a later time.   


Code Description Width Depth Height Price (ex GST)
WB310 Slide Rail & 6 Art Easels 400 668 $268.00
WB300 Project Bench 2550 500 600 $650.00
WB302 Project Bench with Hardwood Top 2550 500 600 $730.00