Renovation & Installation

"Furniture doesn’t get a chance to grow old and mean something to a family unless someone in the family chooses to give it a chance,”

A long history

How we can help:

Recommendations on optimal layouts
Re-purposing areas
Purpose built furniture and fittings to make the most of an available space
Solutions to problem or under-utilised areas
Storage solutions
Optimising small spaces
Our team includes is fully qualified to complete building extension or renovation work you may require. We also have a large network of tradespeople that we work with regularly and are able to co-ordinate additional services as required, ie plumbers, painters etc and manage your project from beginning to end.

We are happy to visit your site to discuss your needs and assess where we are able to suggest improvements. We can also provide you with an assessment report on your project along with our recommendations which can be helpful if approval by other parties is required to get things underway.